Alexis Knit Hoodie Dress by Sinclair Patterns.

My youngest daughter loves to wear dresses, but a lot of her dresses don’t work well for the cold winters here in Kansas. Truthfully, she lives in hoodies half the year. So, when I came across a testing call for this hoodie dress; it was like the skies parted, beams of sun came shining down, and angelic voices declared, “This is it! Yeah! This is it!”. I knew I needed to help get this pattern release ready. I just had to test! 

I was very fortunate to be picked to test this beautiful hoodie dress. Printing, assembling the pattern, and cutting my fabric pieces was truly the most time consuming part of the entire process. Oh, no! Not because it was really difficult, it was actually rather easy. But sewing the dress was truly a breeze! The detailed instructions, and the picture tutorial makes this pattern a real easy sew! I literally finished in less than 2 hours, start to finish. With all the fabric possibilities, you can truly customize this dress to suite any occasion.

I used a medium weight fleece for my daughter’s dress. It’s oh so nice, slouchy, and oh so warm! Oh, and did I mention the pockets?! The pockets are amazing! I’m certain I have many others to sew in the near future.

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