The “Penny Knit Classic Leggings” by Sinclair Patterns

Leggings, you either love them or you hate them. As for my daughter? Well, she absolutely loves them. Having to choose between “real pants” and leggings? Leggings is always the win in her book. Their comfortable and can be dressed up, or down, quite easily. Needless to say, when I noticed the testing call for Sinclair’s upcoming leggings pattern, it was a no brainer, I was going to apply to test.

The pattern includes sizes US0- US22 (XXS-XXL), as well as three different heights. (I absolutely love that Sinclair makes its patterns regular/petite/tall, taking out the guess work of adjusting the pattern for height.) The pattern is meant to be made using knit fabrics with 50% stretch, like a good cotton lycra, a good double brushed polyester or athletic knit. There are two length options for this pattern, cropped or full length, as well as two options for the waist band, a classic band or comfort (wide) band.

I tested the size US 0 (XXS), petite, full length, with classic waist band. For fabric, I used a heathered double brush polyester, as it is my daughter’s favorite material for leggings. As is with my other Sinclair patterns, the fit was spot on, and no alterations were needed. My daughter claims that they are her most comfortable pair, and the fact that she’s asked for more is proof enough for me!

Want the pattern for yourself? Here’s the link!

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