The Mairin Swimsuit by Sew a Little Seam

I mentioned that I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather, and the thought of soaking up some sun next to the pool is one thing my kids are looking forward to. I know summer weather is several months away, but when I saw the testing call for the Mairin swimsuit, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

First off, let me say, if you’re looking to purchase a swimsuit pattern, this is the one to get. The ONLY one you need to get. Seriously. This swimsuit pattern is loaded with so many options, you won’t need another pattern.

My daughter chose the tankini length top with the high waist boy short bottoms. The pattern was very easy to piece together, and sewing was truly a breeze. The pattern tutorial is very thorough, and makes sewing all the different options simple. You can easily make a dozen swimsuits, all different, to last all summer long. I know I’ll be making more for my girls. Go grab a copy of the pattern, you will not be disappointed.

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